The Most Interesting Person I Know

It’s not me. I mean, I’m a close second, but I digress. My friend Allison is the most interesting girl I know. Why? Because she does what she wants. She set her life up so she could do exactly that. I consider success to be living the life you want. Not necessarily owning a business or having a lot of money or a big house. Success is different because people are. My dad had a friend once who lived in a rundown row home but owned a yacht and a private plane. My dad couldn’t understand it. But I told him, Jim spends no time at home and all of his time traveling. The boat and the plane ARE his success. The house was my dad’s. He likes being home.

Anyway, back to Allison. She always lands on her feet. Men are supposed to be aggressive and get shit done. Women with the same attitude need to be “polished”. Allison is not polished. She is real. Well, she can be polished. If she chooses to be. That’s what makes her so great. She doesn’t apologize for who is she. Even when she doesn’t always like who she is. She just puts one foot in front of the other and moves forward.

She’s worked her way up from serving as a bartender to managing the freaking place. Inside a couple years. Wow. She says she’ll own her own bar in a decade. I believe her. She will. And it’ll be one of the best damn bars you’d ever have the pleasure of visiting.

Her father is a very successful man. He did not agree with her choices. They fought, they didn’t speak, they fought more. She may not have his agreement in everything, but she sure has his respect at this point. She’s a hustler, just like him, it’s in her blood. I guarantee he’s a proud papa.

We should all aspire to be so majestic at living OUR lives, OUR way. Long live Allison!

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