The Simple Life

I would say my entire world revolves around making things as simple as possible. Not (necessarily) in a lazy way. But an efficient one. I hate wasting time. It is one of my biggest pet peeves (the others being really serious people and improperly situated sandwiches).

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Anyway, you can’t do anything you put your mind to. Seriously you just can’t. I’m not built to be a mathematician. It’s just not where my strengths lie. So play to your strengths. And simplify. We can all do that. Here are some examples of how I simplified my life in 2014 (to rather successful results I might add). Might I have more? Surely, but this seems like enough for an article on simplicity.

I really like badminton. I’m trying to make it become the new golf to the business world. One can dream. I’m pretty competitive and I’m one of those types who hates losing more than I love winning. Sooo…I decided to perfect two strokes (the cross body swat and the overhead smash, if you care). I win 90–95% of my matches. Come at me.

Fantasy football is a guilty pleasure of mine. And admittedly not one I can spend a whole lot of time on these days. I used to buy 20 magazines and look at a dozen websites and pour over info leading up to the draft for 2 months straight. Now, one magazine with player profiles and my own list. I make the (at least) playoffs every year.

Humans spend a lot of time eating and thinking of what to eat and cooking and waiting for food. It’s ridiculous. So on Sunday I cook for the week. Takes me a couple hours. I really heart my crock pot. So all week I pretty much eat the same meals at the same times. I’m basically on auto pilot.

There’s like a billion workout routines online. I created my own, basic compound lifts alternated with cardio, every other day. I’ve shed pounds and added strength. Equipment used? Dumbells, barbell, my body, the great outdoors.

I simplify my mornings by having my clothes laid out the night before and my amino/green shake ready to go, lunch already packed. Laptop on the table, same place every morning. Book next to my chair, same place every morning. Dog’s leash hanging, same place every morning.

I cut out friends who weren’t real friends. We’ve all been there, that one friend that only comes around when they’re lonely or they need something. What a dreadful distraction toxic people are. Now I spend time only with people that matter. I also have time for new connections.

I answer all my emails within 24 hours. I tackle easy ones first so I feel accomplished and the momentum keeps me moving. I use “downtime” to check my email. It’s the hour an evening I allow myself to catch up on a TV show I like. Sadly they’re rarely highbrow shows.

Instead of thinking up ways to make money, I think of ways to help people. Putting the pressure of making money on yourself is not part of the simple life. Thinking of helping people, that’s easy and simple. Or it should be. Everyone around you has a problem they need help with. It shouldn’t be hard to recognize this and come up with ideas.

Instead of thinking business partnerships, I think friendships/relationships. Friendships are much more relaxed than business partnerships. Most people enjoy socializing and hanging out with friends, they dislike going to work and networking. So I don’t believe in fancy business meetings at upscale restaurants. It’s BS. Let’s meet at a local bar and chat over a beer. Jeans optional but recommended.

Simplify your routines. Look at what you do and see what you can cut out. There’s plenty, trust me. If you need help trimming crap shoot me an email, or help me get my 10k following on Twitter,

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