This Shit Ain’t Easy.

Writing is freaking hard. Not like going to war hard so let me not be overly dramatic about it but hard nonetheless. So then writing important stuff, frequently and well, is RIDICULOUSLY TOUGH. Pretty much everything has already been said. By many people. In many ways. Humans aren’t really original, we’re social, we parrot things we’ve already read and seen.

If writing great content were easy, everyone would be doing it. And not everyone is. Not even very many people are actually.

So, look to everything for inspiration. Literally, everything. And to inspire some real writing go have a unique (to you) experience and then write, every day. Treat writing like a job. I don’t feel like writing every day, but I do it. I don’t always have anything to really say, but I keep writing it.

You’re not alone in your inability to write quality stuff daily. But notice, you don’t always talk about quality stuff either, but you speak every day. So write, every day. It doesn’t need to be great every day but you need to do it every day.

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