Writing That Matters.

I don’t care about writing about current events (unless I have something really meaningful to say). I want to write things that will mean something today and a year from today or 10 years from today. Timeless pieces are what I’m interested in. Things that might not be “right”, maybe there’s no solid science behind the ideas but they make us think.

I’m not a journalist, I have no desire to cover the news. I’m not an entertainer, I don’t want to write about 10 lessons from (insert TV show here!). I want to write things that I can show my nieces and nephews and their kids and be like, here, this shit is still relevant, learn from it. Write things that push minds. That will change lives. Stop being safe. Stop being cookie cutter. Be different, be a little dangerous.

If you know anyone who is writing dangerous things, let me know at caitmackcs@gmail.com or on Twitter, @caitmackcs.