How to Be

Cait Sherwood
Nov 21, 2015 · 2 min read

It’s not nothing.

This is a comic I made because I often wonder why I prioritize art and mark-making. It is called “How to Be” because I once dreamt that a friend gave me a handmade book called that.

Gloria Anzaldúa said to shut out the light & wait in the dark for inspiration, for whatever will come. & when I was a kid I would rub my eyes at night and wait for shapes to form & shift.
& I’d croak my voice like “wee-e-e-e-eh-eh-ay-ayy-aaa-ahhhhh-wa-aa.” Changing and changing. I try so hard to solidify. Words won’t work. These pictures don’t work. But it’s not nothing.
I think that a lot. It’s not nothing. It’s not nothing. It’s not nothing. What weird trust. It’s not nothing.
So what is that? Don’t worry about it, I guess.

Cait Sherwood

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I am a mixed-media painter who works into art journals daily.