Caitlin, I think I tried to raise a similar argument in one of the responses but did not get your…
Nikita Ya

Empire apologists are always showing up in my mentions telling me I “do not understand” the nature of the situations I talk about, but they never make any arguments against the actual things that I am saying. Your comment is no exception, and in my opinion constitutes an admission that you have no argument. If you understand the situation as well as you claim to, you should be able to address my claims directly without relying on bogus fallacious tactics like unsubstantiated claims that you know more than I do. Israel absolutely is a Goliath-like state, backed by the full might of the western empire, and it absolutely is vastly more powerful than those it attacks. You discuss “religious fanatical organizations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad” as though they just sprung up out of the dirt unprovoked, instead of being the natural and predictable result of imperialist interests dropping a new made-up nation on top of a region that already had people living in it. There was no legitimate reason for this to have been done, and there remains no legitimate reason for it to continue.