Evil Mutant Death Walrus — An Original Song

I made a song about Trump’s National Security Advisor. Check it out:


The time has come the Walrus said 
for us to bomb Iran 
Come on Mister Billionaire 
you are a bigly man 
Sign the order load the nukes 
and drop ’em on Tehran 
Don’t let ’em say that you are weak 
Show the world who’s got the biggest hands 
Come on dance with me you sexy thing 
Feel the rush that Armageddon brings 
So hit that button and let freedom ring

The Walrus and the Billionaire 
set out to start a war 
They brought along a Mad Dog 
and a press room fulla whores 
Holdin’ hands, clickin’ heels 
Skippin’ down that red brick road 
They laughed like kids on Christmas 
and got hard-ons as they filled the sky with drones 
We’ll kill the world and dance upon its bones 
And then my love we’ll finally be alone 
We’ll take the skulls and build ourselves a home

Wasn’t cuddled by his mom 
His mind is made of cluster bombs 
But baby that mustache is flawless 
He’s the egg man he’s the Walrus

Don’t be afraid of him 
The light is pourin’ in 
This time the humans win

Evil mutant death walrus (repeat)


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