If Kim Dotcom Produces The Goods, Mainstream America Will Be Forced To Wake Up

I think we should put some effort into really digesting the full implications of what could be about to happen in the next few days. Yes, of course it is possible that Kim Dotcom’s shocking claim that he knew Seth Rich and was involved in his giving DNC emails to WikiLeaks will fail to deliver; there are a number of reasons to remain skeptical of this and no doubt the shills and brainwashed establishment loyalists in the comments section of wherever you found this article will be happy to inform you of each one of them. Since there is no dearth of establishment puppets scrambling to preemptively dismiss Dotcom’s claims, I am not interested in spending any more time on the possibility of his claims being false here. I am interested in drawing attention to what it will mean if he is telling the truth.

In a tweet that as of this writing has received far less attention than his more recent Twitter announcements, Dotcom posted a link to a Bloomberg article from May 2015 titled, “Kim Dotcom: Julian Assange Will Be Hillary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare in 2016,” with the question “How do you think I knew?”

Well, how did he know? Why would a notorious rogue tech entrepreneur born in Germany and living in New Zealand have known a DNC data analyst born in Nebraska and living in DC? If you believe the establishment narrative that Russian hackers were responsible for the release of DNC emails by WikiLeaks in July of last year, this will look like a nonsensical question to be dismissed with a hearty Smug Liberal Scoff. If however you are open to the possibility that your government is lying to you with the help of the mass media, it’s not hard to imagine how a man with a tech background who is frustrated with the manipulations of the Democratic establishment might seek out the help of a powerful, well-connected internet sage in figuring out how best to use the documents he had access to for shedding the light of truth on a profoundly corrupt organization.

After all, it’s not like Dotcom had made a secret of his vendetta against Hillary Clinton, tweeting way back in December of 2014 that he planned to become her “worst nightmare” in the 2016 election cycle. If Rich wanted someone he could trust to help shed light on the DNC’s charter-violating collusion against Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries instead of turning him in to the authorities, Dotcom was the safest bet on earth. Because he was immersed in both the tech world and Democratic politics, there’s no reason to believe that Rich wasn’t aware of Dotcom’s public vendetta.

This is of course speculation, but it is speculation informed by logic and empathy. Try it: imagine what you would do if you were in Rich’s shoes. If you loved America as much as the comments on his Reddit account prove he did and you became aware that its democratic process was being actively subverted from within. If you were just a mid-level staffer with little money and no power or influence, but access to information that could blow the whole thing open. What would you do? Who would you turn to? Your bosses? The police? The media who’d consistently been either ignoring or slandering Sanders throughout his entire campaign? Or would you seek out help from someone of great means and influence who you could be sure of what side his bread was buttered on?

Kim Dotcom’s personal vendetta has been against Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Democratic party in general, but if what he’s saying proves to be true it will have implications that stretch out much, much further than mere partisan politics. The American people have had their minds and emotions relentlessly pummelled with xenophobic Russia conspiracy theories for more than half a year now, being told over and over and over again every single day that a vicious comic book supervillain-like dictator has infiltrated the highest levels of their government with the intent of spreading fascism from sea to shining sea, and it all rests on the initial claim that Russian hackers stole Democratic party emails and gave them to WikiLeaks.

What will happen if this all comes crashing down? If Kim Dotcom can show the world that Seth Rich was the one who leaked those documents? What will happen if the carpet is ripped out from underneath this massive house of cards that the American deep state has been blasting the public in the face with using its Washington pawns and the mass media? If mainstream America realizes that all of the voices of authority that they’ve placed their trust in have been lying to their faces? If it becomes clear that powerful elites arranged for the assassination of Seth Rich, a true American hero who loved his country far more than it deserved?

My prediction is that, if this happens, mainstream America will stop dead in its tracks. The world won’t make sense anymore. Worldviews will flounder, falter, and crumble to the floor. The establishment propaganda machine might make a few feeble attempts to reel people back into the narrative, perhaps trying to paint Rich as a Russian agent which will be easily disproven by his Reddit account (and could be why someone edited out his identifying information therein, come to think of it). There will be no recovering from this. Trust in establishment propaganda, the only thing holding America’s oligarchic power structures in place, will die.

And then miracles can happen. Reality will have some space to get a word in edgewise. If we push really hard when and if this opportunity presents itself, we could wake all of mainstream America up to the reality of what’s been happening in their country. We could halt the insane foreign policy and war-for-profit bloodbaths all over the world, the ecocidal environmental policies, the soul-crushing Walmart economy, the predatory neoliberal trade agreements, the legalized bribery and systemic corruption which keeps democracy from existing in America, because people will no longer be listening to the establishment propaganda outlets telling them that those things are perfectly normal and unavoidable. With belief in the official narratives of America’s unelected power establishment purged fully from their minds, the American people will at long last have control of the direction that their nation moves in, and they can start building a system that works for them instead of for a few parasitic oligarchs.

So please be ready. Please be alert. If this opening presents itself, we all need to be prepared to leap into action and shove as much truth as we possibly can into it right away, kill the propaganda machine, and purge the lies that have indoctrinated mainstream America once and for all. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Eyes wide, beautiful rebels.

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