This does not contradict my earlier point that Syria, as a country, has no meaningful military…
Gili T.

It cannot willingly initiate a world war.

It isn’t initiating it. America is.

The US did not go into Syria until very late in the civil-war game.

The US has been knowingly funding terrorist organizations in Syria for years.

The only country actively engaged there is Russia, which was not the case prior to the civil war.

Iran is also engaged. If Trump’s provocations in Syria continue, there will be a world war between Russia, Iran, Syria and all their allies (likely including China if things keep escalating) and NATO and its allies. That is EXTREMELY fucking significant.

If anyone is upsetting the status quo it’s Russia.

Russia, unlike America, is a longtime ally of Syria and, unlike America, is in the region at the invitation of the Syrian government.

I don’t view any of the US’s current actions to be harmful in the least.

Then you are deeply misinformed about what has been happening in Syria. What America has been doing to that country is evil and unforgivable.

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