Propagandists Have Been Using Dishonest Manipulations To Kill The Seth Rich Story

Two days ago, two different inflammatory and highly controversial stories were released by two different media outlets citing anonymous sources to support their claims. You are only allowed to talk about one of them.

One of those stories featured more Trump-Russia collusion insinuations based on claims from anonymous sources, and was published by the Washington Post. As we discussed recently, WaPo continues to flout standard journalistic protocol by refusing to disclose its extensive ties to the CIA when reporting on the US intelligence community, and has been lying constantly about Russia since the elections last November.

The other story was run by Fox News, and featured the claim by a federal investigator who asked to remain anonymous that Seth Rich had been in contact with late WikiLeaks director Gavin MacFadyen. The source asserts that 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments changed hands from Rich to MacFadyen prior to Rich’s murder, and that the source has “seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.”

The Trump-Russia collusion nonsense has marched on unabated while establishment pundits fan the flames, but the Seth Rich story has been aggressively and relentlessly stomped into the ground by a coordinated corporate media campaign aided by the propagandized masses who realize that the very real possibility of Seth Rich being the source of the DNC emails released by WikiLeaks spells the end of their Russiagate fun. If you have tried to mention Seth Rich in an open forum in the last couple of days, you were almost certainly set upon by multiple establishment loyalists bombarding you with links from CNN and the New York Times explaining why everyone needs to shut up about the murdered DNC analyst forever.

Through this frenzied, sustained effort (probably with the help of some well-placed shills as well), the mass media propaganda machine has succeeded in largely shutting down the buzz around the Seth Rich story. They’re even low-key bragging about it; CNN’s frequently-cited attempt to extinguish the Seth Rich fire is titled “Story on DNC staffer’s murder dominated conservative media — hours later it fell apart.” Friendly reminder while we’re on the subject that CNN recently staged a fake interview featuring a seven year-old girl who doesn’t speak English reading blatant, scripted war propaganda to its unsuspecting audience in order to manufacture consent for regime change in Syria.

The arguments being advanced by CNN and other establishment propaganda outlets as to why you should stop thinking about Seth Rich and trust Big Brother rely heavily on deliberate conflation of the anonymous federal investigator’s claims in the Fox News report with a separate statement made by private investigator Rod Wheeler. The Wheeler report has received far more attention, partly because it appeared first and partly because that’s what these propaganda outlets have been moving the focus onto, but nothing solid has come out which contradicts the anonymous source’s claims through Fox apart from a very vague FBI denial that it is currently investigating Rich’s murder. Liberals can scoff “Pfft! Fox News” all they like, but the actual news coverage that Fox puts out is about as accurate as any other corporate media outlet; it’s Fox’s opinion segments that give it its bad rap, not its news coverage. This doesn’t mean that Fox is necessarily telling the truth here, it just means that dismissing it on the basis of its coming from Fox News instead of CNN is not a legitimate position to take.

Wheeler is much easier to dismiss than the Fox News report, which is why all these new establishment articles focus predominantly on him. He contradicts himself, he’s said some insane things about gay people, and it turns out that some of the things he said in the highly-publicized Fox 5 interview were simply to “preview” the report that Fox News was about to make hours later. Excuse me? A “preview”? So this wasn’t Fox News corroborating Wheeler’s statements with its report, but Fox breaking its own original story that Wheeler commented on prior to its release? Odd then that they keep talking about Wheeler, isn’t it?

The propagandists do this because their goal isn’t just to criticize the story, their goal is to kill interest in the story. If they were to attack the statements of Fox’s anonymous federal investigator, they wouldn’t have much to work with beyond “Well, all we have to go on is the say-so of your anonymous source, and your say-so that that source is legit. That’s not sufficient proof!” Which would be a fine and valid criticism, but it wouldn’t make people feel stupid and want to slink away and shut up about Seth Rich. By deliberately conflating the mostly-irrelevant Wheeler interview with the very relevant Fox News report, they’re able to say “Look! Your whole entire argument is based on on that ridiculous guy! Look how wrong he is! Don’t you feel stupid now?” In using this deceitful tactic, the propagandists have successfully derailed a lot of the perfectly understandable excitement around the Fox News report by the anonymous federal investigator.

Why are the establishment propagandists so keen on killing interest in the Seth Rich story? Because it throws a fat monkey wrench in their geopolitical manipulations, of course. America’s unelected power establishment wants to smack down the Putin government, which has been unashamedly involving itself in key strategic locations like Syria and the Crimean peninsula, and has been collaborating with China and its allies to eventually weaken the hegemony of the US dollar in that region. In order to reignite Cold War tensions with Russia and stage a proxy war with the Kremlin in Syria, the oligarchs need the consent of the public, because otherwise you’re dealing with 320 million heavily-armed Americans who’ve got a problem with the way you’re risking the lives of their families by tempting a possible nuclear holocaust over fossil fuels on the other side of the planet. They also need the public to hate Russia because that’s a major part of the way they’re leveraging Trump into walking back on his non-interventionist campaign promises; if he doesn’t take a hard stance against Russia he’ll feed into the “Putin’s puppet” narrative, which you know Mr. “look how big my hands are” doesn’t like.

Seth Rich kills all that. If he leaked the DNC emails, then the Russians didn’t hack them. If the Russians didn’t hack them, then the story that Putin is this omnipotent supervillain bound and determined to spread fascism across the free world doesn’t really work, and they also lose the story of Trump colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election by weaponizing WikiLeaks. If they lose all that, then all they have left is a billionaire president and his cabinet of businessmen who’ve had some business associations with a newly-capitalist nation looking to spend some money. And Putin stays in Crimea, and the deep state doesn’t get its dick in Syria. And the American oligarchs lose power and influence. Can’t have that.

Besides the conflation, the propagandists have also been working to kill the Seth Rich story by constantly harping on about a statement purportedly made by Rich’s family voicing displeasure about the conspiracy theories surrounding his death. This is a completely empty argument; the Russia hysteria doesn’t just affect the Rich family, it affects every living organism on planet Earth. We’re all at risk in the American power establishment’s relentless escalations with a nuclear superpower, and if Seth Rich is the leaker we desperately need to know. This isn’t some trivial morbid curiosity we’re talking about here, and if it’s true that our curiosity about it does indeed bother Rich’s family, I’m sorry, but we’ve all got families too. We’ll try not to bother you while we figure this thing out.

So no, I personally will not be losing any interest or enthusiasm in this issue. There is now more reason than ever to doubt the official narrative we’ve been given by these known liars and manipulators, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be gaslighted into shutting up about this thing. Fight back.

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