It’s easy to feel awkward when someone comes up to you and tells you that they are going through a hard time. We want to make it better and take away their pain. We rush the process and glorify the end of someone’s story, (the part where they figure everything out) but the real heroes are the people who are still in the middle fighting their way to the other side.

In Boy Scouts, you earn a Merit Badge by completing a task or learning a new skill. There isn’t anyone handing you a menu and asking you to pick which one you want. 🤔 You have to earn it.

I take anyone with a mustache seriously, but this badge is out of control. 😂

Don’t rush the process.

Pain often is the route that we walk through that changes something in our DNA. It changes the way we think or react to situations. The most important thing that we can learn from pain is compassion.

I believe with all my heart that the only person who can truly help me while I’m in the midst of my trouble is the person who already gained the wisdom that I need by walking through what I’m going through first.

Hi I’m Caity. I’m from New Jersey.

Before anything else, I’m a wife to Dan and puppy-mom to a cheagle named Pepper Potts.

My passion is to empower people where ever they are to impact the world around them.

You can cyber stalk me here. 😅

💜 My love language is words of affirmation, so if there was anything you thought was mind-blowing, please let me know. If not, enjoy this GIF of a baby sloth.