On Enabling Change in the US Soccer Pyramid — Bottom-Up and Top-Down
Dennis Crowley

America has always been built on free market economy, not a protected manipulated business model such as franchise. not having a promotion/relegation system goes against the very grain of America’s free enterprise ideal. In fact, without promotion/relegation is anti-trust which has gotten many big corporations such as AT & T, Microsoft, etc in troubles; why would USSF be the exception…..why has the FTC not gone after USSF yet?

It’s a good move that you have got CAS to be involved. Why should America and Australia be the exceptions not to follow the FIFA rules?

For a few months now, Australia has been a laughing stock for the world because foreign citizens has been running the Australian Government; some politicians are actually still trying very hard to justify that certain politicians be the exception to the rule. What is the value of a rule, if it’s only subjective rule?

International football (soccer) is the only sport that has a governing body, that in itself is an irony too really. FIFA, MLS, A-League, etc got what they wanted because the fans vote to gave them what they wanted. People just need to rock the boat, that hopefully is your aim to get CAS involve.

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