Covid-19 Vax & Unvax

Covid 19 Pandemic has been around for more than a year, A worrying trend is on the rise — A growing divide between those who are vaccinated and those are unvaccinated.

For people who are Vaxed,they are perhaps annoyed and feel that the individuals who are still unvaccinated are selfish & have no concern for other people. For the unvaccinated people,they might feel the vaxed are arrogant and naive for thinking that taking the vaccines means being 100% immuned and start to act like everything is normal such as ignoring certain safety measures.

For the unvaccinated, it may be due to personal reasons such as lack of trust towards the vaccines, refusing to be guinea peas for the pharmaceutical companies, taking a wait and see approach or outright rejection to take vaccine ,there are some are unable to take their vaccines due to medical reasons.

There is a urgent need to heal and bridge this divide before it gets worsen.We need to unite together to cope,and overcome this Covid-19 pandemic together!

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