Why is My Cake Disposal not Working?

3 min readJan 20, 2023

Even if the quality of disposables, including those we’ve listed in our roundup of the top disposable vapes. It has significantly improved, but that doesn’t mean they are without problems.

The most frequent problem is when the disposable quits firing striking or perform much worse.

One of the unfortunate users who receive a throwaway that simply won’t hit or fire may be you. There are several troubleshooting techniques you might want to attempt, though, before you throw the device away too soon.

However, before we go over some realistic measures for how you might tackle the problem, it might be helpful to first have a better understanding of what makes up a disposable vape pen. Therefore, we’ll provide you with a brief summary below. For most queries about the cake she hits different

So you now have a basic understanding of how a disposable vape pen works and what its key parts are. This should hopefully be helpful as we go over some easy fixes to get things operating again.

Reasons for Cake Disposal Not Working

1. Give it a Tap

This might sound silly. However, occasionally air bubbles may become encased in the cartridge or in the vicinity of the coil, obstructing airflow. The auto-draw switch may also be being blocked by something.

As a result, try tapping or clicking the disposable’s side where the pod/cartridge area is located. You might be able to resume vaping after doing this by clearing out anything obstructing the airflow.

2. Remove Debris from the Mouthpiece

Another factor could be obstructing the airflow. This is to keep your gadget from shooting debris in the mouthpiece.

Disposables are frequently in and out of pockets or bags. It is rather normal for lint or fluff to become lodged in the mouthpiece. Furthermore, make sure nothing is obstructing the airway by checking first. If there is something there, attempt to pry it out with a toothpick or safety pin.

3. Inspect the Battery

A battery indicator light is typically located anywhere on disposables. If the disposable light does not shine or illuminate as you inhale, your problem can be a dead battery. Unfortunately, since it’s merely a manufacturing error. she hits different

Moreover, there isn’t much you can do to fix a disposable that isn’t rechargeable. However, if it’s a rechargeable disposable pen, connect it to a charger. If it’s getting power, the LED light should come on.

4. It could be a Dud

Since there are so many low-cost disposable gadgets on the market. Moreover, no manufacturer is ideal, and occasionally you may just have gotten a dud due to poor quality control. It can be a dead battery, defective internal connections, or a damaged coil. Check more: cake she hits different flavors


Sadly, as is frequently the case, some disposable vapes can be fixed using the aforementioned techniques. But in some cases, the item you received is simply defective. Of course, you could always get in touch with the manufacturer. The shop where you bought it to see if you can get reimbursed. But since disposables are so inexpensive, it might be a lost cause.