Making things better

1. Holiday import

Finally — no longer new users will have to manually input public holidays from their country. Instead they can simply click on “IMPORT” button, select their country & import those dates. We have a database of events for next 5 years — that should be enough to begin with :)

Select your country & import from a pre-filled list of national holidays

2. Display time in hours

One of the top feature requests from our USA customers — to show times in hours instead of days.

While a “simple” feature, it actually affects a lot of places inside the application so we took a careful approach with this & after a lot of testing this has passed our internal approval & is available for everyone.

To change from “days” to “hours” you simply need to edit the policy settings:

Choose from days vs hours

3. iOS mobile app — added “pull to refresh”

To refresh data, users can now pull the time off table in Dashboard tab down & app will pull the latest data from server.

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