Lots of housekeeping & some small additions

1. New re-hiring flow

When re-hiring an employee, you will be presented with two options how to handle the data

Start fresh VS keep the previous data

2. Employee dashboard improvements

Employees now have a new block called “Upcoming time off” — this shows a list of all their upcoming time off with an option to cancel. We were getting quite a few requests asking how to cancel already approved holidays so it became clear that we need to improve the flow & fast!

This little update will solve this issue & is the first step in huge dashboard redesign we're working on (coming very soon).

3. Added “Cancel” button to upcoming time off in “History” page

Another UX improvement in the process :)

4. Fixed — Employee growth report

It was not showing “empty” months, when no growth or decline happened. This is updated no so you'll be able to see ups & downs exactly when they happened.