karen cruiks

my memory of karen

this isn’t meant to be a memorial for karen cruiks, as there are others that were much closer with her than i ever was…this is just my memory of her.

three years ago i was in a horrid place. i’d come out of the most beautiful/violent on/off ten year relationship and had no idea how i’d survive. i almost didn’t and ended up in a mess. then my mom died of cancer.

ten days after returning to the uk, i was due to be at glastonbury to help support the social media efforts of the snakepit - the ultimate late night venue of the shangri-la fields. but i didn’t want to go. i didn’t want to getout of bed. but karen convinced me she couldn’t do it without me - we needed to build our online presence to promote our other endeavours. (endeavours that would eventually serve as benefits for karen’s alternative treatments)

so i rocked up, and spent the next week in a topsy turvy fantasy land surrounded by the most amazing and creative and sexy people ever. karen had a knack for programming the most interesting events, with just the right mix of established and breaking artists from every background. and it really was one big family.

snakepit - shangri la fields, glastonbury festival

it was what i needed. it took me from the edge to the middle and i never thanked her enough for that. as with festival life, we were all on different timezones, working round the clock, then crashing when possible and/or unavoidable. on the last day we all partied, finally! but karen wasn’t feeling well.

the next day sorcha asked me if i had any stomach meds in my bag of tricks as karen had a real bad tummy ache. it wasn’t indigestion. it was the beginning of one of the bravest battles i’ve ever witnessed. she went out fighting. and that is the story i will one day tell her son.

godspeed snake sister.

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