15 Life Hacks

Recently I was asked my top pieces of business advice. After thinking about my answers, they are great tips for life in general. Here’s how to make YOU the CEO of your happiness and well-being!

  1. Be on Time

The older I get, the more conscientious of time I become and the fact that Time is Currency! Show your respect to whomever you are meeting (and to yourself) by being on time.

2. Persevere

Successful people put one foot in front of the other, EVEN when they don’t feel like it. As Bono says, “some days are better than others.” Know you are not alone and keep going.

3. Work Hard

A friend once told me that life is about “timing, material, and delivery.” We need to give a task our best shot. Correspondingly, luck and timing factors into our success. The more you exert, the luckier you are.

4. Be Honest

Life is too complicated for anything but the truth and all we have is our word.

5. Do Your Best

There is such satisfaction when you have done your absolute best. You know the feeling. Give a task your “all,” then leave the rest up to God (or whomever/whatever you believe in).

6. Done is Better than Perfect

This is a Sheryl Sandberg quote and as a corollary to #5, sometimes we just need to get things done. In life and work, don’t get too bogged down in making something so perfect that you are spinning your wheels-get it done so you can move on.

7. Trust Your Gut

Our intuition is one of our great “superpowers.” Listen to it. It is there to guide and protect you.

8. Sleep

This is a huge one! Our brains heal when we sleep and you need at least 7 hours a night. Go to bed early. Rest and take a breaks throughout the day.

9. Steer Clear of Negative People

They will suck the life out of you_do not waste your precious time (see #1) on anyone who doesn’t appreciate your amazing awesomeness. For work, skip the toxic office gossip. In your personal life, surround yourself with those who appreciate you. Cheryl Strayed writes, “You cannot convince people to love you…real love moves freely in both directions.”

10. Gratitude

Practicing daily gratitude is a key to happiness. According to Harvard Medical School study, giving thanks is associated with greater contentedness and well-being.

11. Exercise Daily

I wrote about this in a recent post and cannot say enough about how important exercise is. NON NEGOTIABLE, 30 minutes of cardio every day.

12. Give Back

Volunteer-get involved the community. Gretchen Rubin writes, “One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy.” Do something for someone less fortunate than you and watch the love blossom!

13. Go with the Flow

We are on a journey in life, make it easier by not trying to control everything, do not worry. For certain, life is ever-changing, flow with it knowing that all will be okay.

14. Find a Hobby

According to a New York University School of Medicine study, there is a link between happiness and participating in activities for pleasure and cognitive ability.

15. Choose Joy

We have a choice as to how we will react to events in our lives. Make the right choice and always take the high road.

Give these a try and hop into the conversation by leaving a note below. What are your life hacks? Have a Happy Day!

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