Caitlin Knudsen
Oct 1 · 1 min read

Thank you for writing this. I’ve read a fair amount of those articles since I started here and few of them had clear, actionable steps that yielded any sort of increase in viewership/income/etc. What I did notice is a lot of the people who write these articles, as you mentioned, were already working as writers well before they started on Medium and thus had a) A following, b) Well-established avenues for networking and c) Gigs and return-customers already lined up with income coming in.

There’s one, in particular, who was working as a journalist for nearly a decade before transitioning to Medium and of course, if you do like her, you can make THOUSANDS in your first month.

Somebody give me a thoughtful piece written by somebody who truly started from scratch and found success. THAT would be useful advice.

I didn’t realize curation wasn’t doing much anymore. Thanks for mentioning that as, probably from these articles I’ve read, I thought curation was the answer. I also didn’t realize only 7% of writers are making $100 or more a month. That really puts things into perspective and takes away some shame I was feeling about being unsuccessful on here.

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