I’ve Been There: Gaining Muscle Without Gaining Any Fat

How to Gain Muscle without Gaining Fat

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Your goal is to gain muscle. Nice, lean, awesome-looking muscle. So, you come up with the perfect workout program, set up the perfect diet, and then proceed to put them both into action to the best of your ability. Awesome!

But then, as time starts to go by, you begin to notice something. You might be gaining some muscle, but there’s something else that seems to be happening as well.

Oh No, You’re Getting Fatter!

Not “super fat” or anything. Just slowly and gradually gaining body fat along with the small amounts of muscle you’re building. You’re not happy about it, but you continue on with what you’re doing anyway.

As more time passes, you’re noticing something else. You’re still kinda building some muscle (although it’s much less than you had hoped, and it’s happening much slower than you had hoped), but yet the amount of fat you continue to gain along with it is increasing by the week.

And it’s ruining everything!

Your abs — assuming you actually had visible abs when you started — are fading away or have already been covered under a layer of new body fat. You can’t even fully enjoy the new muscle you’ve gained (or even the old muscle you already had) because that too is being hidden under a new layer of fat. Maybe even multiple layers.

So although you might be building muscle, you’re just gaining too much body fat along with it.

And the longer you continue, the worse it all gets and the closer to “super fat” you become. Now instead of looking muscular, lean, defined, toned, ripped, sexy, awesome and just better overall, the opposite is happening. You’re certainly getting “bigger,” but you’re looking softer. And fatter. And just worse, period.

In fact, many people notice that they’re gaining more fat than muscle. HA!

I’ve Been There, Done That

Does this scenario sound a little too familiar? Have you been there before? I certainly have. I’ve soooo been there and done that. It seems the majority of the people trying to build muscle have been there too.

Hell, most are still there and will remain there for the foreseeable future.

And if your scenario goes anything like mine always did, these less-than-ideal “bulking” results would then be followed up by trying to “cut” and lose this unwanted new body fat only to end up losing some, or most, or maybe even all of the new muscle you’ve built right along with it.

So maybe you start out semi-lean. You then proceed to build a lackluster amount of muscle slower than you could have while simultaneously gaining more body fat than you should have right along with it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in an attempt to then lose this ugly new fat, you lose the lackluster amount of muscle too… thus ending up right back where you started. You’re essentially just spinning your wheels and repeating the same shitty process over and over again.

Some poor bastards (like me, for example) may actually end up in an even worse position than they started out in by becoming even more “skinny-fat” after each cycle of failure.

Ah yes, the memories.

And as horrible as this type of scenario is, and as much as people will try to avoid it, it still happens ALL THE TIME.

So I guess the obvious question is… why?

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