How New Yorkers Die
Lisa Martens

Finished reading this yesterday but didn’t get time to write a response.

Fantastic! More loveable characters. The spoken accent in the dialogue was good, though I was wondering if more words could have been altered to really nail the effect? Overall I felt like the characters were very imaginable, and they had so much warmth about them, even poor old Joe with all of his problems.

You’ll have to explain to me what the letters at the end were saying. The date of their wedding and the start of the letter left me confused as to what it all meant. Followed with Frank destroying the letters, the way it was written seems to be about letting the reader (me) join the dots, but I’m not sure if I’m joining them correctly. Did it mean Joe was depressed ever since Babs married Frank because he would be much more alone from that point onwards? Ultimately Joe didn’t want to bother anyone with his troubles (his depression, his illness), and this is the New Yorker way? Am I miles off here?? Haha

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