Let’s Look at The Optics Project

CalAid are the only organisation offering eye care and glasses to refugees in Northern Greece

What is the Optics Project?

The Optics Project aims to deliver eye tests to all refugee children and referred adults in the camps of Northern Greece, with glasses and advanced tests provided where necessary.

So far, we have delivered this to all the camps we support in the Epirus Region of Greece, the population around 932 refugees.

Such success with the model in the pilot phase means CalAid can widen the reach of this project to help refugees and displaced people access sight saving health care.

We aim to upscale the programme to the entire Attika Region, where a further 10,000 refugees are currently in residence.

Help us do this: bit.ly/OpticsProject1

Matt, the Optician, helping a refugee child choose his favourite frames

How does it work?

Every refugee child over 4 years old has an eye test when our ophthalmologists visit their site.
Every adult in need of eye care is referred to us, then we co-ordinate with their case worker to bring them to our Ophthalmologists office.

Once a person has been given a prescription, we go to the Optician where they choose their frames and he makes up their glasses!

CalAid are the only organisation providing eye care and glasses to refugees and displaced people in Northern Greece.

Help us continue this work: bit.ly/OpticsProject1

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