Do 1 Thing, Like Return Something You Don’t Want
Ester Bloom

I dropped off some forms with my doctor over a month ago, so she could certify that I am in Good Health, and thereby convince my insurance company to give me $300 in Flex dollars, to be used on copays and the like. I was told they would call me back when they were finished, but have heard nothing. I have postponed a highly overdue dental cleaning — even though I have insurance—because if there is the option of having someone who is NOT ME pony up for my $20 copay, I apparently will indefinitely risk life and limb while waiting for that to happen!! (Or at least, risk being reprimanded by the dental hygienist. Tooth and terror, maybe?)

Anyway, her office is conveniently open on the evenings on Thursdays, so I will call her tonight.

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