So How About That Ticketmaster Settlement?
Nicole Dieker

I have 15 pairs of tickets, plus around a dozen of the $2.25 discounts (I go to a lot of concerts …). I looked at the list of eligible shows and found ONE that I’m both possibly interested in, and feasibly could get to. It’s at a venue an hour away, and I mostly like the opener. Truthfully, even discounting location, there were only a handful of events anywhere I might have wanted to go to.

I wish I could use them on nosebleed sports events or, I don’t know, ballet performances instead. Even if I have to wait til the day of, and take whatever’s unsold (if anything).

Honestly, the selection is so frustrating I may redeem them all for random events and not show up, just to stick it to Ticketmaster in the first place!

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