What’s Your After Work Routine?
Megan Reynolds

Ideal self: gets to leave work promptly at 5 pm due to arriving promptly at 9 am; either goes straight to a yoga/Pilates class, or spends <10 minutes at home before heading to the gym in my building … Magically manages to [pick 3: grocery shop, clean apartment, cook dinner, code some, waste zero time on the internet] and watch an episode on Netflix with BF before observing tech curfew by climbing into bed with a book by 11, and observing sleep curfew by turning out the lights by midnight.

Realistic goal self: leaves work by 5:15, goes to yoga/Pilates or gym, eats dinner, takes out trash if it’s overflowing, puts away clothes strewn on floor, manages to watch an undetermined amount of Netflix while only minorly cheating curfew.

Yesterday’s self: left work ~5:10, abandoned plan to visit gym and instead picked up Sweetgreen because the gym is healthy but so is salad and thus they are interchangeable, and then watched 4 episodes of TV. I did observe curfew though.

I feel varying amounts of shame about myself as a person when realistic goal self doesn’t win out at least 3 out of 5 weekdays. My laziness puts up a strong fight against my sense of shame, unfortunately, so it’s an uphill battle every night.

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