Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

The past two months have been nonstop un … accounted-for, I guess, large-ish purchases that aren’t quite necessities but are close: Pilates class packs, birthday presents, Lorde tickets. Only $100–200 apiece, but as soon as I start to catch up another comes up! Ugh. At least this weekend all my possible dresses for an upcoming wedding have arrived, so I can go through them and pick the winner. I expect to get ~$150 back there, maybe a little more.

We need some groceries; $75 or so. I can’t remember whose turn it is?? I also have to buy a bunch of supplies for an art class I signed up for in a fit of aspirational spending last week. $50–75??? I have no idea what to expect (from the price of supplies, or the class).

Anyway, Sunday morning I will spend $7 on food on the way to said art class, and $170 on two spots in a Thai cooking class for BF’s birthday. Also aspirational, but more practical.

Total, counting the impending returns: $77 if the art stuff is cheap and BF picks up the groceries, $177 is neither is true.

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