3 Book Recommendations for Engineering Organizations

David Calavera
Dec 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Last week, we had the largest company get together at Netlify yet. On Thursday, I gave a short talk about human engineering, successes at the company during this year and the opportunities we face in the future.

This talk included three book recommendations. I thought it’d be interesting to share them in public.

1- Turn the ship around!

This book quickly became a classic in management circles. I believe everyone could benefit of the lessons learned in this book. Helping other people to be successful is not only a manager’s job.

2- The field guide to understanding human error

This book is focused on industries where mistakes are paid with human lives. There is a lot to learn from the way we handle errors and what we do to prevent them from happening again.

Note from personal experience: Do not read it on a plane, unless you want to turn this book into a very realistic horror story.

3- The Oregon experiment

One of my all time favorite books. I discovered it through Guy Steele’s wonderful lecture on Growing a Language.

There is something very powerful in the idea of letting people design the spaces where they live, and transform the communities they are part of. Open Source development is similar in many ways to the ideas in this book.

So, if you could only recommend me three books to read next year, which ones would them be?

David Calavera

Written by

CTO at Netlify, I helped build GitHub and Docker.

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