I went to Whole Foods to see if prices were actually lower

I am a deal-hunter. It’s why I started my neglected-as-the-extra-portion-of-a-Costco-2-Pack publication, What’s the Deal, Calvin?

I previously wrote about how click-and-mortar synergies of Amazon acquiring Whole Foods would be just one of many online-to-offline moves, but the synergies weren’t expected to kick in so quickly. So when news hit that Amazon would be lowering Whole Foods prices, I had to go see for myself.

When I walked in, I wonder if they would have tags that actually told you what prices were lower, and sure enough…

That’s right! Quinoa is cheaper now!!!

For many urban hipsters, this 19% cut in price could really make a difference towards paying rent, unless of course you live in a big city with sky-high rent. Maybe you should move to Portland or something.

When you look at the tag, it’s like a formula: Whole Foods + Amazon = lower prices. Wow! Shocker!

The max savings I saw was 30% on Sunrise Red Lentils, which are apparently superior to regular lentils, because they require less care? Preparation? I think that’s it.

There were also tags in store that hinted that more savings were to come, signs that basically were the analog of a coming soon landing page. They said things like “Amazon & Whole Foods mean better prices for you”. If this is just a taste of what is to come, then Whole Foods will no longer be Whole Paycheck, it’ll be 85% Paycheck!