ICO — Initial Clap Offering

Word going around Medium is that ICO’s are super popular, so they rolled out their own ICO — Initial Clap Offerings.

Claps for everyone!

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now — but you can get invested in one just by posting content.

Yeah yeah, I know there’s Steem, but you can’t put a value on a WYSIWYG editor, am I right?

Medium has yet to offer a medium (pun intended) of exchange to trade said claps, like karma or some sort of +1. However, that does not mean that they are worthless. The market has not stabilized for a conversion rate to the old hearts unit, but metrics and metrics — tune in next week when we have a larger sample size to tell!

You can support this student tapping away on a computer by clapping up to 50 times (as Michael found). I’ll maybe exchange it for an internship or something someday.

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