Billboards and Streaming

I have recently learned that the amount of sales a song receives factors in to how the song rates on the billboards chart. These sales not only include cd sales but they also factor in how many downloads or streams a song receives online.

Many artists use the Billboard’s ratings to figure out how popular their song or album is becoming. It is updated weekly and takes almost all music into account. Different genres are broken down into different categories of the Billboard’s charts, as well as a definition between single tracks and albums.

I have recently discovered that it is possible for a song to not have many cd sales but still be in a top spot on the billboards chart because of how often it has been played or downloaded on streaming websites. This is the case with Rihanna’s new album “Anti”. She has only sold 17,000 copies of her album, which would normally place her in number 10 on the Billboard’s chart. Because the chart factors in online streams and downloads, Rihanna’s album is currently number one on the chart. One song, “Work”, was streamed 36.4 million times and downloaded 131,000 times in just one week. This song has also been in the number one position for the past five weeks.

In comparison “Hymns That Are Important to Us” by Joey & Rory sold 44,000 copies of the album, much more than anybody else last week, including Adele, who has sold the most copies altogether. Still Joey and Rory are only placed at number four on the charts

The Beatles have recently made it back onto the Billboard’s charts because their music is now available to stream and download online. Their song “Come Together” was number one on the Billboard’s in 1969 and now that their music is available online, “Come Together” has reappeared on the list and debuted at number 14. Other Beatles songs including “Hey Jude”, “Here Comes the Sun”, and “Yesterday” have also made it to the Billboards placing number 19, number 20, and number 25. Other than single tracks, the Beatles also have four different albums that have made it to the Billboards: Abbey Road, The White Album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Rubber Soul.

It is important that the billboard chart factors in streams and downloads because a song cannot be rightfully compared without taking these statistics into account. Rihanna’s album has had the lowest sales to reach number one in the Billboards since 1991. This proves that a song or album cannot be judged solely by the amount of cd sales the person receives. Since the Billboards factors in online streams and downloads, we are also able to compare modern songs to classics like the Beatles.

Although some may say that no one can compare to the Beatles the proof is all taken into consideration for the Billboard’s charts. I had no idea the Billboards factored in this evidence and I did not know there was even a way to compare the classics with contemporary music.

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