Not to mention, milestone 3 is just around the corner

CALC Milestone Two Completed



The CALC team has been hard at work since our first successful funding proposal on July 23rd 2022. We have been blown away by the community support for this project and couldn’t be happier that we all share the same vision for a “grown up” better DeFi experience.

CALC are proud to be submitting our second community grant proposal for the delivery of milestone 2: Deploy smart contract on testnet.

What is milestone two, and why is it important?

Milestone two sees the successful deployment v0.1.0 of the CALC DCA smart contracts to the Harpoon-4 testnet.

This milestone is important for two main reasons:

CALC is being designed and built by the Kujira Community

Touching on #1
CALC have co-designed the protocol and CALC vaults with our amazing community members (73 of them) and to date we can confidently say the product will positively surprise a lot of people. See what the Kujira team thought about CALC here.

Now, designing a product is one thing, delivering it is another. This is one of the reasons milestone two is so important and the reason we have committed to showing our progress on-chain by deploying the first version of our vault contracts to testnet — where the community can see for themselves our team delivering on our promises.

Touching on #2
CALC vaults are fully integrated with Kujira’s FIN DEX; a closed source (for good reason) series of smart contracts. This integration requires CALC’s contracts to exist on the same network (Harpoon-4 testnet) in order to begin integration testing. Now that v0.1.0 of the CALC contracts are deployed to testnet we can begin testing and refining our contracts to ensure a robust and safe integration. In addition to FIN, CALC has some off-chain components which also require thorough testing and iteration on tesnet (more about our off-chain components detailed below).

What has CALC built so far?

Since our last proposal the CALC team has expanded to six members in total — including our two new engineers (lead frontend & lead off-chain) in order to build out the CALC systems:

DCA smart contract

Off-chain scheduler

A final word on testnet

Whilst it is unlikely, it is important to keep in mind that testnet will be used as a sandbox to continue to iterate and build out our contracts. We do encourage you to have a look at our contract on testnet (address linked above), but be aware that vaults in testnet may be cancelled and refunded automatically if we need to perform major upgrades.


In order to keep building out CALC and start working towards milestone three “deploy front-end app”, we are asking for $19,500 axlUSDC (as originally stated in our first proposal which can be found here -

We are so excited to continue building this project with the Kujira community and look forward to discussion and feedback on what we have delivered so far.

But wait… is there more?

All we can say is yes. It might be worth jumping on the CALC discord channel on the Kujira Discord. 👀 👇

#grown-upDefi #kujira #CALC

Want to see something extra built to make your life easier? Comment below with your idea and discord name and we will be in touch.



CALC is transforming the average retail investor into a calculated & educated, long-term investor.

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Calculated Finance (CALC) 🧮

CALC is transforming the average retail investor into a calculated & educated, long-term investor.