I’m not a racist but…

So, I’m scanning my Facebook feed the other day and I see an image and story about these signs (see image below) being posted in Toronto last week. I opened the comments (why oh why do I do that?) fully expecting to see outrage, this is Canada after all. I knew I was going to see a few comments that agreed with the image, but I fully expected to see the vast majority being pissed off. I was sadly mistaken, the vast majority said things like “I think some of these are good questions” “Why do all Liberals scream racist at everything?” “Why can’t I be proud of my heritage?”. Most of them prefaced with “I’m not racist but…”

I’m not racist but…

Here’s a clue, if you feel the need to preface anything you’re about to say with a disclaimer, you should really rethink what you’re about to say. Because, I’m not a statistician but, 99% of the time you do that, what you’re about to say is probably not a good thing to say, wrong, racist or worded in an inflammatory manner. (see what I did there?)

Let’s take the questions in order to see which are valid questions. Since the vast majority of the comments on this particular post stated that the questions weren’t at all racist or weren’t bad questions at all (note — they all suck, here’s why)

Tired of political correctness?

This begs the question, what is political correctness at its root. Because there has been much ado about political correctness and what it actually is. Like any other movement, there are people that take this to the extreme. “I’m not short, I’m vertically challenged” “I’m not the man with glasses, I am visually challenged” “I’m not black, I am African American” “I’ve never even been to Africa, I am black” etc.

We are a nation, a world, of different generations. Some of us grew up with different terms to describe different people and some of those terms were derogatory, that’s just a fact. It’s hard to change the language that was instilled in you as a young person, and sometimes new issues arise that force us to do so. People don’t like change, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

So, the initial question was “what is political correctness at its root?” It’s consideration for other people and how you describe them. Nothing more. Simple consideration and compassion.

Answer: So, am I tired of being considerate of other people’s feelings? The answer is an emphatic no, I am not, neither should you be.

Wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’?

White countries? Seriously? I sucked at history and geography but Canada isn’t a white country. It never was. It didn’t start that way, it wasn’t that way at ANY point in its history and it sure as hell isn’t now.

The funny thing is when it comes to people asking this question about becoming multicultural is I bet, in fact I promise you, that this is religion based. They aren’t afraid of Chinese food, sushi or tacos, they aren’t afraid of Cirque Du Soleil or opera. They’re afraid of Mosques, Burkas and ceremonial daggers (strangely they’re more afraid of ceremonial daggers than they are AR-15's).

This question is stupid so by extension has no merit and isn’t a “good question” simply for the fact we aren’t a “white country”, never were and are never going to be.

Answer: I never wondered that, neither should anyone that has any clue about our history.

Figured out that diversity only means less white people?

Ummmm. So? Are white people more valuable to society? Are we a worse society because our mix of white vs other colours is less? Why does this matter at all? I don’t get it.

Yes diversity means a greater mix of all colours, races, sexual orientations.

Answer: I figured it out, I just don’t care or understand why anyone would.

Sick of being blamed for all the World’s problems?

Who is blaming white people for the World’s problems? The people we’re bombing? The countries that we’re messing with their politics or invading to enforce our way of life on them?

To be honest I’m not sure who is blaming us (yes I am a white person) so again, this question seems to be nothing more than more whining that we’re so oppressed as white people.

It is the very definition of White Privilege, a term that is often misunderstood because it’s a terrible term to describe the problem. The “privilege” leads to arguments like “I’m white and poor, not privileged”. Which shows a misunderstanding of the phenomenon based on the terminology used to describe it. As my friend explained the other day during a long talk we had, ‘white privilege describes the opportunities I get for being white, not those which I choose to take advantage of’.

White privilege is believing white people are oppressed because we don’t understand what being oppressed really means because we’ve never actually experienced it. White privilege is believing that we’re being blamed for the World’s problems, because we feel somehow oppressed.

Answer: We aren’t being blamed for all the World’s problems. How can you be sick of something that isn’t actually happening?

Tired of being told you’re ‘racist’ for celebrating your heritage?

Caucasian isn’t a heritage.

Answer: Stupid question based on a misunderstanding of the word heritage. Doesn’t require anymore explanation than that.

Disgusted by the garbage on television?

How is this relevant at all? What garbage? The Kardashians? Fox News? Reality TV in general? Family Feud?

I don’t at all understand how this question has anything at all to do with being white. Also let’s keep in mind that a lot of the actual garbage on television is created by white people. We should also keep in mind that a lot of bad racial and sexual orientation type casting is created by non-diverse writing groups.

Answer: Sure, I’m tired of the garbage on television. I’m just not sure how it’s relevant to me being white.

Don’t see a future for you or your family?

Actually yes, I do see a future for myself and my family. I work every day to provide that future. I spend countless personal hours bettering myself at my profession to ensure that future.

Again, unless you somehow blame immigration for your own shortcomings this is another irrelevant question to being white.

If you’re asking it because large corporations like Walmart pay their employees as little as possible, give them inadequate hours, hide profits from the tax man while claiming billions in profits in countries that have lower corporate tax rates (and yet they have no stores in those countries) then this question makes perfect sense. But given its context I don’t think that’s why it’s being asked.

Given its context I think it’s being asked because the person asking is blaming poor families just trying to make a better life for themselves (or worse fleeing for their lives) for their own failures.

Answer: They didn’t take our jobs.

Questioning when immigration will stop?

Again relevance?

Why does immigration need to stop?

Are we running out of space? According to this chart Canada has 3.3 people per square kilometre of land mass. So we’re hardly overpopulated.

The only conclusion that I can come to here, again, is that we’re blaming minorities and immigration for our own shortcomings and failures (see video above). This has nothing to do with immigration, it has to do with us and with that White Privilege again. It has to do with looking for scapegoats.

And just like blaming the poor for our economy it’s an irrational fear built on misunderstanding and media coverage. The poor aren’t the reason our economy is failing. Immigrants aren’t the reason you can’t find a job.

Many of our immigrants come from war torn countries (many of those wars a direct result of outside influence by other countries) that are fleeing for their very lives.

I wonder if these people that want immigration to stop want it to stop from everywhere? Do we stop English people from immigrating too? Irish, Australian, New Zealanders? Or do we just stop immigration from those nasty countries like Israel, Iran, India or Pakistan?

Answer: Immigration should never stop, at least until we don’t have enough room to house people that want nothing more than a better life for themselves and their families and there are no more people simply fleeing to survive at all.

And if it does stop, ever, it stops COMPLETELY. Not just for people that you are irrationally afraid of.


I’m not racist but…

If you feel the need to preface a comment with this statement you just might be a little bit racist. You might want to take a really hard look at the questions you’re answering with your comment. Look at the root of WHY you think they’re good questions.

One. One single question on that flyer is a good question “Tired of the garbage on television?” The problem is, it’s not a good question in context. In context it’s a racist question.

The garbage on television is the garbage that promotes these ridiculous beliefs, it’s the garbage that paints entire religions, races and sexual orientations with a single brush. It’s also the Kardashians and Montreal Canadiens broadcasts.

Alt-Right = White Supremacy.
End of discussion.

PS. Do not discount the fact that we’ve seen a rise in these kind of postings and ideas since Donald Trump’s campaign and subsequent victory in the US Presidential election. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

Donald Trump, and the manner in which he campaigned, did not create racism, but it did give confidence and false legitimacy to people that hold racist views. It told them it was “alright” to act out on, and voice their outdated and reprehensible views publicly.