Growing List of Design Resources

A curated list of design resources, tools, websites and all things I find useful and would like to share with you my designer friend.

I often search the web and find a lot of interesting and useful things online. 
I think you might do it as well. I have this habit of keeping lists of links and tools that I liked in hope to keep all the goodness I found in a sort of secret box where I can go back and pick things up when I need them. It feels like having that list, while working on a project, will help a lot and you will be much more prepared to do the work because you got a bunch of resources ready to use. It’s like having your dads toolbox at the garage. It’s there when you need it and you don’t have to worry and wast time searching the web again and again looking for something you already know that exists or already seen but don’t actually remember where it is.

Sometimes I have the feeling of sharing stuff, because I simply like sharing knowledge. That also helps me learn new things. I want to make it even easier for me to access this list of resources when I need it, so I thought: why not putting it in a place like Medium? I can access it anywhere, anytime. An open post that everyone can access, share, contribute. When I had this idea of course I first thought of building a website for that, but it would take even more time and effort to build, maintain, and I don’t want another excuse to do it, so there we go, there it is, a list of design resources I find useful for designers. This list will keep growing and now we can use it in our daily basis, at home, at work, anywhere, anytime.

Quick update, I created a video talking about this list and recorded the process of creating this post cover image. You can watch it here:

PS: It’s in Portuguese.
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Created: August 04 — 2018

Last Update: March 18 — 2019

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Bundle Design Packs and Resources

Websites where you can buy design resources and digital assets with discounted prices by getting a bundle or promotional pack.

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Social Network Sizes and References

Color Tools

Tools that will help you while working with colors in multiple ways.

Color conversion

Check color contrast

Free Stock Images

Websites you can find and download royalty free stock images.

⚠️ I advise you to always read the website terms of usage to understand how the license works.

Logo Inspiration

Websites you can find a lot of logo designs for your inspiration.

Website Builders

Tools and services that help you build your own website.

Wordpress Website Builders

Webflow Assets


Landing Pages


Widgets to help with conversions:

Design to Code Tools

User Centered Design


Lorem Ipsum Generators


Tools and information that can help you create personas.

Handoff and Inspection Tools

Tools you can use to share design assets with developers and they can inspect it to start coding.

Portfolio Tools

Tools and resources to help you build a killer design portfolio.

Big platforms

Build your portfolio

Video and Screenshots tools


Gamification Tools

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Learn React (for Designers)

Adobe XD Resources

Design Blogs

Design Blogs for Print

Design Blogs for Typography

Design Briefs / Exercises

Websites to help you build a portfolio or just explore your skills.

Trade your Work for things

Motion Design Resources

More soon!

Design Books


UX Design Literature

Hiring Designers

Tools to help you manage hiring process, recruiting and finding designers, company on boarding and more.

More soon!

Product Design

Business Canvas

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More and more and more coming soon!

This is just the beginning of this list! Come back soon, it will be better.

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