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hmmm what do we get for “strong border”? do we kill refugees escaping south america? Do we get to shoot kids that were throwing rocks at the wall, not the usa patrols? should we let people die of thirst next to our wall?

Knowing full well, that drug will always go underground, fly over, and around the wall. America voted for fake security from border wall. it won’t make a safer country.

Honestly, a lot of dumb american has a problem with lawful immigration, including real american as well. you will see dumb white american men (something women) harassing non-white people, including children, by screaming at them, “go back to their country”, (they were born here for god sake). Some even died by white american. a lot of evidence shows how stupid white american are when they attack non-white american thinking they are illegal immigrants. So… the only people who doesn’t have a problem with lawful immigration and illegal immigration, are the people who accepted them, doesn’t scream “go back to your country or china” and willing to help them coping by living here. You guys didn’t even tried it our way for awhile, you guys been trying it your ways by attacking legal immigrants and screaming that they are stealing your crappy dangerous jobs that nobody wanna work. Sorry, I don’t buy that “america wants to go another way”, you mean that america wants to continue to go the same way as they always did in the past, by being disgusted racist american.

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