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how do I know you didn’t vote for 45? and… where did I write that I am using him as a scapegoat against you? seriously? try that again, audist guy.

I guess it is really sad, that you are backing 45 up due to his racism attitude toward obama about birther things and encourage states to do birthcerfitcate requirement. You like to tell me I don’t like the constitution, then go tell 45 to respect the constitution when we all know he won’t. You like to say something bad about me when I am just stating my opinion after what 45 lied to american people about his supposedly promise to release his tax return and his health record. keep telling me your party ass love constitution when they tried to do federal gay marriage ban in 2000s that’s clearly a violation on the 14th amendment. that truly is sad. you have nothing to offer a solution of how to deal with a guy that doesn’t release his shady tax return, republican don’t wanna release his as well, which mean we all know the freaking hypocrisy they are.

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