I completely understand.
TX Kevin

“I completely understand. De-humanizing to justify murder of groups that are inconvenient to your goal is a common tactic throughout history. Nazis, plantation owners and even Europeans relative to American Indians have all used this disgusting tactic. I expect history will reflect on supporters of killing children in the womb similarly.”

I completely understand. Nazis treated women like a crap and a property and forced women to carry their baby to term just like conservatives nowaday. they also treated homosexual, disability, and minority like conservative do nowaday.

I expect history will reflect on supporters of treated gay, minority, women, and others similarly.

children in the womb isn’t children. they are fetus and legal to allow women to have options to choose that men like you and me prevented them.

But, oh well. tactics or not, I did rather let women to make decision, not men. And, we all know men are afraid to let women decide their own body ;)

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