Lets address each:

Lets address each:

  • Rape: If humans deserve human rights. Then why are we giving the death penalty to the child for what the father did?

(im sorry that I don’t support killing born child like you said. thanks for twisting the word)

(I support abortion on fetus. And you are telling me that that rapist father should have the right to custody after he raped that girl so many times? Do you know that it is legal for rapist to have the right to have custody? that means that the child will be with the rapist father and the mother had to deal with the rapist. that’s sexist)

(Now I get it, you are against all form of abortion including the chance that mother could die so the fetus could live. Therefore, that’s the reason I support women’s rights to protect themselves from men like you(i assume if you are)

  • Defect: Should we stop giving cancer treatments to people because they are expensive and will probably die anyways?

(you didn’t get my point, no poor family can afford taking care of the child with medical cost that will cost million of dollars that insurance won’t pay for it, abort the fetus will save both the family and the fetus suffering. You are treated cancer people that were already born the same way, are you telling me that if we can abort the fetus, we can also kill cancer patients?

Second, you failed to notice what defect fetus means, they can also die when come out, and you are saying that the mother should suffer giving childbirth knowing that fetus won’t last long? that’s selfish.

(Maybe you should support single healthcare system so we can help everybody, like you said human rights are important, therefore we should support single healthcare system.)

  • Life of the mother in danger: If two people are drowning, you swim out and do your best to save one. Then you go back and try to save the other. You don’t swim out and then push one of their heads under water because they will probably die anyways. Right?

(So you are saying that the mother should die and save the fetus? Is that what you are saying)

  • For reasons of poverty: Lets say a financial stable couple has a baby. After the first year of life, they encounter hard times. May that couple kill the 1 year old for reasons of poverty?

(you neglect the part when husband ran away and the mother has to deal with herself, who fault was that? husband, maybe we should throw him to jail for abandon the fetus? like you said, fetus worth more than father)

  • You are calling it a fetus, but what kind of fetus is it?

(simple: fetus, because they has no rights in the womb, if you can now have fetus growing outside in the lab, that will be a different legal meaning. LOL)

  • So you think we should throw away 30 million humans because nobody will want them? What if your parents decided to throw you away? Would you have a different opinion if you survived? I think people would prefer the chance at life rather than being thrown away. I know I would.

You value women more than men? Aren’t we all created equal?

(Yes, no conservative government would want to deal with that many humans in their states unless there is profit for corporation to make money off using cheap labor.)

(Are you saying you would rather live in shaddy home with mother and 15 children she barely can take care of you, father is out drinking, no fresh water (conservative remove EPA), dangerous pollution and river, no healthcare available (you are on your own), war-zone like between neighboor, high crime and death, you might likely live up to only 30? you wanna live like that instead of a nice safe home with fresh water and safe family?

I think most people prefer to live like that. If you would, then do it yourself, stop harassing women and making them died from childbirth and making them pay for hospital cost they cannot afford.

Support free prenatal care, mandatory maternity leaves, free healthcare for all women, free birth control. These will help give healthy fetus. if you are against it, then you must surly only care about controlling women.

Yes, I support and value women more than men, wanna know why? look into history and tell me why men treated women like a property, why they don’t believe them when they were raped, treated them like a sex object, think it is okay to name-calling (cat calling them), treated male and female politicians differently, and etc etc.

I did rather let women rules because they are good at getting things done than the male ego.

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