Well, it seems like they are late to the party.
Shachar Haad

LOL, you are more concern about this nonsense ‘stare-rape’ then you are concern about changing the meaning to allow more rapist can get away with it. thanks for showing your support for actual rapist

so they won’t get in trouble if they rape a woman that aren’t in their definition.

yes, https://newrepublic.com/article/116768/latest-target-mens-rights-movement-definition-rape

honey, I don’t have an example of mra’s boy who were accused of rape -_-. do you have a bunch of feminst girls accused of rape?


“No. Not many. Very few in western societies. No one is “body shaming” any women. That’s just the common narrative that feminists push. When they report the crime, the person filling the report need to get all the facts. Facts are not “body shaming.”””

Please honey, get your fact straight. go look at comments of all the guys making disgusted comments toward rape victims. blaming her and such. Yes, you won’t believe someone will say, ‘wow cannot believe someone would rape that ugly fat woman’. Since you don’t know anything this, you must be living in the MRA fantasy.

Dunno why you are making things up. That’s just the common nonsense coming from your sexist group push.

You somehow managed to disregard the point of the man who rape a woman and manage to ruin her life. It fits with the sexist narrative of “well, at least you started talking to me” because the life of the victim is meaningless to sexist men. See how I can reverse your silly nonsense?

“The video you cited is also nothing more than propaganda.”

Come on, are you that sexist? This is the parody to make fun of sexist man that claim they are doing the job asking the right questions. This is to point out how crazy people are asking inapproriate question toward the rape victims. how is that propaganda? oh, you are MRA boy sexist group.

“The feminists suggested course of action when a rape victim comes forth to the police is that they take the name of the accused and just jail him without trial — because apparently the feelings of the supposed victim take precedent on justice.”

Please, that’s your fantasy. in your eye of MRA, male rape a girl, and allow him to be free because that girl is dumb. see how ridiculous you sound above? all women suggest police and men should taken seriously and find out the conclusion instead of ignoring the victims, laughed at the victims, shaming the victims.

“And I assume you have some hard evidence that supports that assertion.”

you don’t need hard sexist evidence, let say. 95% of rape by men is true and 5% is false. you only care about 5% and ignored nearly 80% of that men that actual rape the victims get away with it and be free?

Again, like previously, your MRA group assertion that every man who reports (or don’t report) the supposed rape is completely earnest and should be believed immediately. What a scary world you portray. See how sexist you made while ignoring women that wanted to report but can’t because they are afraid that their live would be in trouble because of sexist behavior.

“Yes. Stop shoving your ideology down my throat when I repeatedly asked you to stop doing so.”

HAHAHA why don’t you bother someone else than playing with my dick.

stop shoving your sexist ideology down my throat when i repeatedly asked you to stop doing so. what an idiot.

Oh, you hate that tea analogy because when you have your dick in a vagina and suddenly she doesn’t want it anymore, are you gonna rape her or respect her wishes? See how sexist you sounds like? BTW your video is the most lamest ass I have ever watch.

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