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My goodness, I have never seen that many sexist males making disgusted comments on this site, like Louis Weeks ranting of his poor ego and how he wishes he can get away with rape if he is under drug or alcohol.

How one guy complained that half of the domestic abuse come from women? How michael cheers for the men’s rights as ‘fantastic’. How these guys complained why their lives were ruined by women?. Let me give you a hint why these guys was ruined by women was because these guys did something wrong and refused to see it.

I just don’t get it. Women makes less than men and wanted equal pay, and men complained? Women been paying more insurance for healthcare than men for decades and wanted equal healthcare coverage, and men complained? Women wanted protection so they don’t get raped, and men complained? Men only care about less than 5% of the rape victims that was false but ignored 95% of the victims that was real and these perpetrators almost always get away with it? Women wanted woman-only festival music so they won’t get harass by men, and men complained??????????

Seriously, these men, and comments made by men on here is such a disgusted sexist creep that will cheer for women to get hurt.

I wanna add the video of that situation if that has been reverse when men go to the police as a victim

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