He has passed no order or law that authorizes or advocates the mistreatment of a transgender…
TX Kevin

No, 45 halted the Justice Department’s efforts to defend in court the legality of the Obama administration’s guidance to school districts on how to provide a safe and inclusive environment for transgender student. Which mean the school can do whatever the frak they wanna play on transgender, instead of protected them from being bully. How is that full protection?

A key part of that guidance advised school officials to allow transgender students to use restrooms based on their gender identity.

Transgender individuals aren’t asking for special concession from the society, the same for gay couple asking the rights to get marriage and from being discrimination in public by the society. Transgender individuals are asking to allow students to use restrooms based on their gender identity. that’s not special concession, that’s for their protection from being bully, harassment, and such if they looks like a male, but forced to go to the female restroom. But seriously, why do you say female transgender showering with women at the gym? We are talking about all restroom, not showering. There are stalls in the restroom and all students care about is going there to poop and pee, not busy looking at each other genitals like boys always do in pre-middle school. lol There are also gay boys showering with straight boys, and nobody cares. This is civil rights with respect without stigma and shaming on transgender.

“Society is simply being allowed to answer the request as they see fit and in the democratic best interest of their community.” That’s the problem here, if the society to be allow best fit in the democratic best interest of their community, they will be demanding lot of things that will discriminate on minority students, races, sexual orientation, and gender. That isn’t freedom, that’s freedom to allow segregation but equal. This isn’t also very different races, gender, sexual orientation. That has been going on for centuries based on fear. Nothing or rarely happen because these people are not used to it. I am not used to seeing naked girls and women i was younger, but i just move on or work it out to be comfortable. If they aren’t comfortable, then that’s the same reasons why people aren’t comfortable about gay marriages, just to discriminate to just make themselves feel good and safe for no reason at all. Transgender aren’t a threat, real men are.

Yes, society should be forced by law to allow transgender to use the restroom according to their gender identity without getting bully, harassment, and stigma. Same for business to follow the law not to discriminate customers, workers, and anyone.

I think we can agree about business required to post non-standard restroom policies if I know what that mean. To let anybody to be able to use the restroom, right? I was in Europe; paris, italy, london, and barcelona, I saw women in men’s restroom almost all the time because their women’s restroom are full. Simply as put, they don’t frakking care. lmao. It was awkward for the first couple of times, then I don’t care at all as well. Same in South Korea when i was a student, there would be ‘ahjumma” a respectful word for old lady, working in both men and women restrooms. No men are allow to work in the female restroom, but all the time I would see old lady cleaning and working in the men restroom. They really don’t care, except keeping an eye on a real pervert men.

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