Are you referring to the 1:4/1:5 rape statistic that was manufactured by feminists?
Shachar Haad

no, im referring to jim’s sexist remark.

men’s rights group also trying to change the meaning of rape. so they won’t get in trouble if they rape a woman that aren’t in their definition.

“There are men who get away with rape.” Yes, so many times. And, when women tried to report it, they get body-shame, derogatory names by men and many women. They would blame her for meeting him or them, blame her for drinking a bit, blame her for pass out, and etc etc etc.

“There are also women who get away with making false reports” by tiny margin compare to many rapists that get away with it and will do it again.

Both are wrong, but read the tea story. you should know when to stop when woman or man said “stop”.

Both are evil, but men never learn when to do consent. how do you like having a penis up your ass against your will? painful, ptsd like, and everything

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