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No, Trump didn’t. He is against gay marriage. And, still is. Hillary Clinton gave better protection to the gay people at her State Department, than Trump did at his…tower…?

We all know Clinton, Obama, Kerry, and others were against gay marriage before, so they could get more vote from conservative people. Thanks goodness Biden helped pull them out of the shadow.


OMG, you dare to say “assuming this is an accurate story”? Which mean you don’t give the frak. Why do they have to go through this again. Why go through all this hassle from texas government so they can make sure gay couple don’t get the same benefits as the straight couple. SCOTUS already told the states to knock it off and give just give them equal benefits just like all of us. jeez…. This is a waste of taxpayer money to go through all of this again just to harass the gay people. what a sicko.

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