For a second I thought you had an independent thought but then saw your other comments regarding…
Shachar Haad

Oh please with your sexist ‘wage-gap’ and nonsense red pill.

I saw it long time ago, and chose to not remember it.

red pill is quite misogynist. don’t you see how ridiculous you sounds?

I have an independent thought because I care about women, seriously??

for a second I also thought you had an independent thought, but found out how sexist and brainwash you are and how much you enjoy seeing rapist getting away. see how ridiculous that is?

why don’t you stop whiny about me being a fake misogynist and focus on any discussion that isn’t too sexist.

It’s pointless to actually discuss the topic with you, as you will just go to places like “everyday sexist” to get your ‘unbiased’ information from men’s rights website

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