Having health insurance is not a right.
TX Kevin

“Recognition of a union between two people by the state is not a right. The state clearly has the right to define marriage or decide what it recognizes and what it does not. The state has NO right to dictate who an individual can have a consensual relationship with.”

NO, that’s incorrect. if what you says is correct, then the state can define marriage between interracial couples, between inter-generation couples, and etc etc etc. It is ridiculous that the state can screw the gay couples by forcing them to pay higher tax while the straight couple and enjoy the benefit and lower taxes when they get marry.

“Restrictions on advertisement of abortion services with federal tax money is not a right. No action has been made to ban legal abortions to my knowledge.”

Yes, it is a right, to allow the women to have the knowledge of how to get an abortion. Most men in the poor countries always get away with it without responsibility or just having too many children to tend. That restricted the women’s right to know what choice they can have. While the men just know how to fuck and walk away.

“What do you call the state or action of violating a democratically passed law? Are you OK with calling Heroin an “illegal drug”? Is it OK to say someone who robs a bank committed an “Illegal act” and by definition a “criminal”? What should we call someone who willfully violates immigration laws? Trump said something perhaps insensitive and overly broad. He said NOTHING that was incorrect.”

Hm…. no… Heroin is in fact illegal drug, rabs a bank is in fact illegal act. but calling illegal immigrants….rapist and implying they all are is racist. Same goes when he mocked the disable with that kind of attitude he made is in fact disgusted. Trump said insensitive and overly broad and never take back his words. I don’t think you know what I meant. when he called them rapist. same goes calling women pigs, nasty women, blood coming from whatever, mocking fat model, and on and on and on, is incredible sexist, racist, and ableist. I don’t want the president who said these words, same goes for democratic candidate.