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Same as you said about scapegoat. when you say that, that’s when I want to say that. defended 45?

let’s get back to the topic. after implying you being an audist for mentioning about my english language that doesn’t involve anything in the topic. audist.

i just stated my opinion after what 45 were demanding birth certificate from obama when we all know he was born in hawaii.

it would be nice to see if blue states can do it, same when some red states tried to do birth certificate proof before the candidate name can be on the ballot. If they tried it, why not blue can try it as well.

Yet, another example of conservative wanting to change the rules because they didn’t like the outcome of an election. exactly in 2008. period.

one more thing, you love to say victim card, when in fact you like to imply about my English Language. You are the one who like to belittle about my writing than focusing on the topics. audist guy.

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