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So you are here telling think progress is wrong. there are news that are talking about it. I am pretty sure people are tired of government telling gay people what they should not be cover or protected that the heterosexual couple get.

No, you are incorrect about donald.

This clearly show he is still against gay marriage and willing to reverse whenever he can do that. Sorry, he is gonna need to prove it more what he can do for gay people and i don’t see him doing anything at all.

Trump Said He Would “Strongly Consider” Appointing Judges To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Decision. Asked on Fox News Sunday “WALLACE: But — but just to button this up very quickly, sir, are you saying that if you become president, you might try to appoint justices to overrule the decision on same-sex marriage?” TRUMP: “I would strongly consider that, yes.””

He said that. Sorry. if he did. then no, I don’t trust him when he said that Gay marriage is settled. Clinton accepts gay marriage during the election, donald didn’t. That will be harder for people to trust him on that issue. Plus, he didn’t do much good for the gay rights or marriage in the pass. look at in 2000, he was against it and still is.

Who knows what texas court is thinking, it is just a waste of money and time when we all know the answer should be. Interesting part is if they win the case, then there is evidence that trump will likely support to reverse it.

Honestly? Gay marriage isn’t settled, the SCOTUS can reverse it if donald put in 2 conservative judges. That is possible. Plus, the gay rights isn’t settled and there is much more to do. If trump is for gay rights like you said, then he shouldn’t reverse the executive order that Obama made to prevent contractor to fired people for being gay.

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