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then, your personal attack about my english writing does not justify an excuse for not being an audist guy. If you don’t understand, then simply ask what do you mean by this, or can you clarify that, but you didn’t. you just simply being snarky about my writing than focusing on the topic. that’s an audist. If you don’t like that, then focus on the topic than complaining about my writing like an audist guy. period. I don’t wanna go into effort to make my english sexy and beautiful for anybody on here. if you don’t understand it, then… ASK. blaming it on my disability is correct, because if you don’t understand how deaf people write then start focusing on the topic than making about pathetic excuse on my writing. get it?

back to the point. I know what you are talking about joe. I am tired of 45 making an excuse for years of why he cannot release his tax returns and his health record while complaining or screaming why clinton haven’t release her health record and others. it is just damn hypocrisy of his actions and attitudes. about birth certificate, why need to get birth certificate when we already know his was born in america? he went through all the damn trouble to get one. Why didn’t we do that on 45, bush, clinton, reagan, and etc etc etc? because, it was damn racist. there is no requirment about how rich you are, but it is to the point now that we should be concern about his and other’s action in the future with his or her tax returns. conservatives have or had always been about how characteristics the president should be. 45 has failed on all of that. conservative will go crazy and demanding the democratic president to release his tax recorded and will def use that congress 1924 or whatever to get it. I want our president to be less corrupted or none at all. that’s why i was just making a suggestion because republicans will not do that damn congress rule from 1924 knowing 45 is a full of crap with his shady tax returns. period.