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this may be off the topic. I had an interesting troll fight with another person on conservative Townhall.

these people there talked about protecting babies and against abortion. somehow led to the point when i asked if they support mandatory maternity leaves, free prenatal care, free birth control, and free childcare services.

Do you know what they respond? they then ask if I support killing babies. They refused to answer that simple question that can help mothers and babies, also with free prenatal care, that will help reduce mortality rate.

It is amazing how they wanna protect ‘babies’ but refused to support these services that the mothers and babies (including children) needed to survive.

They even said life is more value than money, but refused to say whether we should spend money on these services to help these mother.

So weird and amazing how they screamed at me for wanted to kill babies, but at the same times they clearly are against these services to help them.

hence, pro-fetus. -_-

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