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“Trump said gay marriage is settled. One of his closest advisors is a gay man.”

Seriously? One of Bush closet advisors is a gay man. Seriously? Trump was against the whole damn time and now he said it is settled. Sorry. I don’t buy that. He should have said I support them now and will never attack gay marriage again. But, he didn’t. Sorry. NO.

“Seriously, you guys are hysterical. Mike Pence is more of an issue, Trump is not.” Seriously? That’s disgusted. We all are aware how scary Mike Pence is as well. Both of these men are disgusted and don’t trust them on this issue at all.

Seriously?? Then why the hell did he said he was against it in 2000??? That’s why this doesn’t make sense from him. He is also against abortion and he just did it recently on executive order. Sorry. He failed on social issue.

“Justice Roberts has said he will not be rehearing settled cases.”

However, it is 5 other judges that can see this case. Not just him.

“It’s not a waste of time and money (for texans) to hear court cases that need to be settled. Yes, we know what the answer should be but the courts can’t work that way. They need to be consistent and that is set through legal precedents.”

NO, it is a waste of fucking time. These couple will have to fight for it. That’s a waste of time for them. Yes, texas taxpayer money too knowing they will fail.

“Yes, SCOTUS can technically reverse any decision if they find the right case to take. So let’s whinge about every possible thing that could happen without a reason.”

Seriously……….. that’s why Trump is against gay marriage because he can put in two conservative ass judges that will take away gay rights and their marriages. Now, don’t you dare to tell me he is for gay marriage while willing to put conservative judge into SCOTUS and reverse that decision. Seriously -_- That is like trump support ADA law and respect it, but decided to put two conservative new judges and SCOTUS reverse the decision about ADA law. that’s hysterical to tell me donald is for gay marriage but never appear to behave like that…. ever…

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