I don’t think it’s really all that similar to when Obama’s first term began.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

well, you explain it better than I did. lol

I was trying to say something about just these two guys. but, yes, every presidents did get through awkward phase of being the president which allow reporter to be nice to them for 100 day honeymoon. lol The action of what they were trying to do is similar, but 45 truly have no idea what he can and cannot do. He was expecting to act like the king and all of his signatures is the law of the land. He has no idea how to communicate with the reporter and congress. Not only that, he doesn’t even know that his promises worked differently and way too damn vague to be use.

Oh well, electoral college elected him. hopefully we can bring good awareness of his terrible actions to change the congress outcome in 2018.

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